Know You’re Enough and Become the Woman You Were Born to Be


Can you relate to any of these statements?

+ “I feel unfulfilled in my relationships.”

+ “I struggle with speaking up, setting boundaries, and saying no.”

+ “I feel exhausted from always putting others’ needs before my own.”

+ “I’ve already tried to improve my life but I still feel stuck.”

And does this statement ring especially true for you?

“No matter what I do for others or how hard I try in life, I never feel like I’m enough.”

If any of these feelings resonate with you, you’re not alone.

After fifteen years of guiding hundreds of women to care for themselves as much as they care for everyone else, I can tell you that it’s not your fault that you feel this way.

These feelings stem from a negative Core Story that your subconscious mind formed when you were a child. And this Core Story continues to shape your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to this day.

I’m ready to know I’m enough

Healing From Our Core Stories

Core stories come in many guises. For instance, one person might believe that no one will ever be there for them, whereas another might think that they always have to be there for everyone to prove that they’re enough. Yet another person might be burdened by the thought that nothing good ever happens to them.

Your childhood psyche formed your Core Story as a way of trying to make meaning of stressful, painful, or traumatic experiences. But that doesn’t mean that it has to keep hijacking your happiness in adulthood.

Although everyone has their own specific story, Core Stories create a widely shared symptom: They cause most people to feel that who they are is not enough. 

When you release the hold that feeling like you’re not enough has over you, you can begin to embrace new, life-affirming beliefs about yourself.


How feeling like you’re not enough keeps you stuck

Maybe you don’t feel like you’re a good enough mother or daughter. Perhaps you think you don’t have a slim enough body, a pretty enough face, or a successful enough career. Maybe you feel that no matter how much you do for others you’re just not enough.

Even outwardly successful women can harbor these self-limiting feelings. In fact, it’s this very “not-enoughness” that drives so many women to be highly productive and to sometimes push themselves to exhaustion in order to prove that they are worthy. 

 Feeling this way doesn’t define who you really are—your essence is good and whole.

What’s more, you deserve to release old and harmful beliefs about yourself and know that you’re absolutely enough just as you are.

If you’re here, it means that at long last you want to feel different on the inside and have your life reflect this improved inner state on the outside. 

You want to feel happy, confident, and as though you can finally live the life that you dream about.

Even if you’ve struggled for years to make changes and to prioritize your needs, it’s not too late to let go of limiting beliefs and to commit to a new, life-enhancing sense of yourself.

Will you finally care for yourself the way you’ve always cared for everyone else?


I know how self-destructive it can feel to feel like you’re not enough.

More than twenty years ago, I experienced a collapse that forced me to confront my own subconscious Core Story. I realized I’d spent years abandoning myself for the needs of others. My body, mind, and spirit had finally had enough. (Read the full story here.) In the process of healing, I taught myself how to identify my own Core Story and grew to understand how it was negatively impacting my sense of self-worth, health, and happiness.

In time, I came to understand that it was my Core Story that led me to adopt the negative belief that somehow I wasn’t enough. Once I knew that this limiting belief was at the root of my self-abandoning behavior, I developed strategies, practices, and techniques to release the hold that feeling like I wasn’t enough had over me. 

Finally accepting that I was enough meant that I now knew my worth, was able to set healthy boundaries, and had the courage to live and speak my truth.

This is what enabled me to write a new and empowering narrative for my life. Ever since, I’ve experienced far more joy than ever before. 

Since undergoing this transformation, I’ve guided hundreds of women to experience the same changes as I did. 

I’ve now distilled two decades worth of first-hand experience and expertise to create a 12-week virtual program Made For More: Know You’re Enough and Become the Woman You Were Born to Be (MFM).

I want to become the woman i was born to be

Know You’re Enough, Speak Your Truth, and Become the Woman You Were Born to Be



+ Do you want to feel whole, healthy, and happy?

+ Do you want to make positive changes in your life?

+ Do you want to live as the best version of yourself?

+ Do you want to be your authentic self and finally feel fully empowered?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then Made For More was created for you.

MFM offers you a clear path to the results that you desire and will help you confidently walk across the bridge from where you are now to where you want to go.


+ Release the hold that your past has on you

+ Set healthy boundaries and prioritize your needs

+ Know your worth and speak your truth

+ Enjoy deeply fulfilling relationships

+ Practice self-compassion and self-care

+ Take action to pursue your dreams

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It’s time for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Enrolling in Made For More means that you’re willing to finally care for yourself the way that you’ve always cared for everyone else; that at long last you’re committed to letting go of the limiting belief that you’re not enough exactly as you are.

Why does knowing you’re enough matter?

Because believing anything less will hold you back in every area of your life and keep you stuck in a smaller, less happy version of yourself than you’re meant to live.

Can you feel the truth of this?

If you can, it's because your soul has led you here.

A small voice inside of you is urging you to not give up on yourself.

Your inner wisdom is crying out for you to begin prioritizing your needs.

It’s time for you to know in your bones that you’re made for more.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for the missing key in your life.

Made For More will enable you to achieve the results that you’ve been craving. Even if you’ve tried to make changes before but have gone back to the same old self-limiting patterns, MFM can enable you to experience the joy that you’ve always desired

Have you always sensed that there was something keeping you from being the best version of yourself? That’s your subconscious belief that somehow, deep down, you’re just not enough.

Made For More will help you let go of the hold that this belief has over you so that you’ll finally accept that you’re worth a life filled with peace, love, joy, and success.


About the Program: MFM will equip you to release the hold that the limiting belief that "you’re not enough" has over you.

Made For More is both a real-time virtual program and a complete pre-recorded online program. So, you can choose to participate in real time, complete the course at home at your own pace, or combine both formats! 

Throughout the 12-week program, my ten-step Made For More Method will give you all the know-how and tools that you need in order to succeed. I’ve intentionally designed and curated this program to meet you where you’re at and help you get to where you want to go. You want results. MFM delivers.

Made For More is a deep-dive program with 12 real-time 90-minute weekly sessions via Zoom each Tuesday. 

Each week you’ll receive:

+ The MFM workbook, including journal questions, additional content information, process templates, and more.

+ Guided meditation audio recordings to help you relax and process the week’s content. 

+  Supplemental videos to assist you with practicing the transformational techniques of the Made For More Method.

Finally, to ensure that you effectively process the program’s content, I offer 3 one-hour real-time optional Q&A/practice sessions on the final Thursday of each month. Information about these sessions will be posted in the program calendar. 

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In addition to the core content and my Made For More Method, you’ll also get access to 4 bonuses:

4 audio recordings with easy-to-use, dynamic practices for well-being

 3 audio recordings featuring easy-to-use, transformational breathing practices

 3 audio recordings of my signature guided meditations

 Access to the nurturing community of women in the exclusive Made For More private Facebook group

Throughout your entire experience in MFM, you’ll be able to reach out to me via email to ask questions.

I’m here to support you in your journey.


A Closer Look at MFM’s Content 

Made For More contains 12 real-time AND pre-recorded content modules, taught over 13 weeks with a one-week break. The 12 modules are grouped into 4 phases. Each phase lasts three weeks and contains one module per week.

Tuesdays from Jan 30th-Apr 23rd with one week break on March 5th.

I’m an Integrative Life Coach and Intuitive Counselor with fifteen years of experience in working with women both 1:1 and in small and large groups. I’ve guided hundreds of women to know their worth, speak their truth, and become the women they were born to be.

Made For More is the culmination of all the work I’ve done to help the women I’ve guided discover their inner strength and beauty and become the best versions of themselves.

I believe that you’re good, whole, and worthy just as you are. I’m dedicated to empowering you to believe this truth about yourself. With my guidance and support, you can unlock your full potential and create a life that you truly love

I’m committed to creating a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental virtual space for you to explore what’s preventing you from being the most joyful and empowered version of who you are. 

Have compassion for yourself. There’s a reason why you feel that you’re not living your best life —and it’s not your fault. 

You’re not alone in struggling to figure out how to feel better and improve your life. I know from my years of working with a wide variety of women, that despite outward appearances, many struggle with feeling that they’re not enough. 

If you’ve tried other programs to help you make the changes that you want but have found that you keep returning to the same self-abandoning patterns again and again, Made For More is created for you.

It’s your subconscious limiting belief that you’re not enough that’s causing you to feel stuck and unhappy.

It’s not too late to create a new, empowering belief for yourself. I should know because that’s just what I’ve done for myself and because I’ve guided hundreds of women to do the same. 

 I feel honored to guide you in your journey home to yourself.


Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

The writer Anais Nin once said, “The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” 

You deserve to blossom. To do so you'll need to dedicate the necessary time, energy, and resources.

It’s time that you cared for yourself as much as you’ve always cared for everyone else. 

Trust that your deepest intuition has led you to this program. Your soul knows that you’re meant to bloom into the highest version of yourself. 


Made For More is perfect for you if:

You’ve tried to make changes in your life but keep returning to the same people-pleasing and self-abandoning patterns

You sense that there’s something going on in your thoughts that keeps you feeling stuck and living a smaller version of yourself

You want to feel empowered to make changes in your life, regardless of your present circumstances

You’re willing to invest time, energy, and resources in yourself so that you can live the life that you’ve always wanted

Made For More is not a good fit for you if:

 You want a quick fix to your life

You’re not able right now to devote the time, effort, or resources to make sustainable personal changes

You’re not ready to process emotions, set goals, implement strategies, and practice techniques

You’re not ready to learn to advocate for yourself


The Made For More 12 week program is currently closed!

Be sure to get on the Made For More waitlist below so you’re first in line when the doors to MFM open again. You CAN know your worth, speak your truth, and become the woman you were born to be.

I’d be honored to welcome you inside the next cohort of MFM. In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions regarding the program here.

XO Suza

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