Do any of these statements resonate with you?

+ I feel unhappy or stuck

+ I think I have impostor syndrome

+ I struggle with speaking up, setting boundaries, and prioritizing my needs

+ I keep trying to change but always return to the same self-sabotaging behaviors

If any of these or similar statements ring true for you, the first thing I want you to know is that it's not your fault that you feel this way.

These feelings stem from your childhood, when your subconscious mind formed a negative Core Story that’s still shaping your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to this day. 

Your subconscious formed this story so that you could cope with and make sense of stressful, painful, or traumatic experiences. Your Core Story has caused you to view the people, events, and circumstances in your life through its filters.

Core stories come in many guises.

Here are some examples:

"I can’t really trust anyone."

"No-one will ever be there for me."

"Nothing good ever happens in my life."

Your Core Story is unique to you. Once it’s formed, it becomes your primary limiting belief about yourself throughout your life.

Everyone—even women who appear successful on the outside—has a subconscious Core Story.

However, although everyone has their own specific story, Core Stories create a widely shared symptom: They cause most people to feel that who they are is not enough

As a result, your Core Story will ensure that you live a smaller version of yourself than you’re meant to live.


Let’s get specific on how core stories are formed

Your Core Story was formed before the age of six when your brainwaves operated predominantly as theta waves.

Theta waves cause a child’s subconscious mind to be open to large amounts of information that help the child learn and grow. However, this receptive state also makes children susceptible to creating a negative story about themselves.

In their attempt to make sense of stressful, painful, or traumatic experiences children often blame themselves for emotionally confounding situations.

Let me give you an example of how a Core Story might develop.

If your father was a violent alcoholic and your childhood was dominated by emotional disconnection and chaos, there’s a good chance that you developed a Core Story that not only held difficult memories about your dad but also about yourself. 

In trying to make sense of this painful situation while wanting to stay connected to your father, as a little child you might have wondered why you weren't smart enough to figure out how to get him to stop drinking. Alternatively, you might have assumed that something was wrong with you because you didn’t have a “normal” father. 

It’s easy to see how in this unhealthy family environment, either one of these limiting beliefs could have become your Core Story and lodged itself in your subconscious mind.

Unfortunately, the way Core Stories work is that once one becomes embedded in your subconscious it develops into the primary lens through which you view your whole life and from which other limiting beliefs arise. 

It’s not hard to imagine how believing from early on that you’re not normal or smart would negatively impact your future health, your relationships, and your happiness.

How your Core Story negatively impacts every area of your life.

 There’s a good chance that until now you haven’t even been aware of the insidious ways in which your Core Story exerts a hold over your life.

In fact, you may not even have been aware that you have a Core Story to begin with.


There was a time when I’d never heard of Core Stories either.

But you need to understand the ways in which your Core Story holds you back in life.

Your Core Story has likely made you…

Feel that you’re not enough just as you are

+ Be your own worst critic and to lack self-compassion

+ Struggle with speaking up for yourself and with setting boundaries

+ Feel exhausted from always putting others’ needs before your own

+ Feel unfulfilled in your job and in your relationship

+ Suffer from impostor syndrome

Although your Core Story has ensured that you’ve lived a smaller version of yourself than you were meant to live, it’s not the truth of who you are.


The truth of who you are is that you are good, whole, and worthy and that you are enough just as you are.

You deserve to believe this about yourself. You deserve to love yourself, to prioritize your needs, and to pursue your goals and dreams.

With my help, you can be free of the hold that your Core Story has over you. 

You don’t have to allow this negative story to continue hijacking your happiness and self-esteem. 

You can write a new, empowered story for yourself, one in which you thrive and feel comfortable in your own skin. 

That’s why it’s so important that you identify and rewrite your Core Story. 


I myself released the hold that my Core Story long had over me. Moreover, as an Integrative Coach and Intuitive Counselor, I’ve devoted the past fifteen years to helping hundreds of women just like you identify and rewrite their Core Stories.

Rewriting their Core Stories enabled these women to prioritize themselves, to speak their truth, to pursue their dreams, and to transform their lives

Intuitively identifying your unique Core Story is my superpower.

To help you heal and be your best self, I’ve woven over twenty years worth of knowledge, skills, techniques, resources, and practices into my Conquer Your Core Story System™.

During your first virtual 1:1 intensive session with me I’ll use my signature system to intuitively identify your Core Story.

I’ve spent over two decades honing this skill and can readily identify your Core Story, how it was formed, and how it has negatively impacted you.

Right from the outset, having me identify your Core Story ensures that you get to the root of what’s been holding you back and keeping you stuck. This alone can save you months and even years of very time-consuming traditional therapy.

Once I’ve identified your unique story, I’ll help you see, understand, process, and begin to release the hold that it has over you. Once you do that, I’ll help guide you to become the most healthy, joyful, and empowered version of yourself.

i'm ready to be empowered!

You deserve to feel whole and at peace with yourself.


Experience fulfillment in your work

 Love yourself and know your worth

 Experience deeply fulfilling relationships

 Embrace your body and be your authentic self

 Feel empowered to pursue your dreams and to celebrate yourself

I remember a time when I didn’t feel any of these things…

Twenty years ago I suffered a full-on collapse.

I was utterly exhausted and anxiety-ridden. Until this time, I’d spent years abandoning my own needs while people-pleasing and prioritizing the needs of others. I tried many different methods and practices to try and change but I could never find the freedom and happiness I desired.

Ultimately, it was only by identifying and processing my unique Core Story that I was able to truly get at the root cause of why I never felt like I was enough.

Once I’d identified my own story, understood how it was formed, and processed it, I developed various means to release its hold over me.

This is what allowed me to stop repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns, to love myself, and to finally transform my life.

Of course, like any adult human being, I still face challenges. (For instance, both of my parents have Alzheimers.) Yet releasing the hold that my Core Story had over me has allowed me to feel more joyful and free than ever before.

After fifteen years of helping women find their own voice, I know that with my expert guidance you too can rewrite your subconscious Core Story and replace it with a new and life-affirming one.


What will you get working
privately with me?

Every one of my clients has a unique Core Story. That’s why I’ll customize my Conquer Your Core Story System™ to your individual circumstances and needs. By doing this, I’ll support and guide you as you become the woman you were born to be.

In your online initial three-hour Conquer Your Core Story intensive session you will...

Learn what your unique Core Story is

 Discover what your specific trigger word is

 Understand how your particular Core Story was formed

 Learn how it has negatively impacted every area of your life thus far

 See how your story has always led you to feel that you’re not enough

✓ Discover how your Core Story has perpetuated your negative life patterns

 Experience a guided meditation to help you begin to process your Core Story

 Learn a technique to begin releasing the hold that your Core Story has over you

 Gain access to further resources that will equip you to productively move forward

You’ll come away from your initial 1:1 Conquer Your Core Story intensive session with a sense of clarity about what’s holding you back and with hope for what’s possible.* I’ll provide you with guidance on how best to continue working with me as you rewrite your Core Story and transform your life. 

*Note: your initial intensive session with me will last three hours. Subsequent sessions will last 90 minutes.


What can you expect from our work together?

I’m committed to creating a welcoming, safe, and non-judgmental virtual space for you to heal what is preventing you from being the most joyful and loving version of who you are. I feel honored to guide you in your journey home to yourself. 

As my many clients can attest, if you commit to finally taking care of yourself the way that you’ve always taken care of everyone else, you’ll come to love yourself in a way that you never have before. 

Throughout our time together, I’ll always guide you back to the understanding that the false beliefs attached to your Core Story are not the truth of who you are, and that you deserve to experience your own love and compassion. 

When you learn what your Core Story is, how it was formed, and how it has negatively impacted you, you’ll gain a profound understanding on why you think and act the way you do. You’ll be more equipped to let go of core beliefs about yourself that are preventing you from living as joyfully and lovingly as you truly want.

At last, you’ll have the tools and skills that you’ll need to make the changes that you’ve always wanted to make. You’ll be able to have deeply fulfilling relationships. You’ll be able to practice self-compassion and self-care on a regular basis, and you’ll be equipped to act on your dreams.

By doing this work you’ll be able to love yourself. And when you’re able to love yourself, you can transform your life


Your 3-hour virtual 1:1 initial intensive session is $1500. 
Subsequent 90-minute sessions are available in packages of 3 for $750. 

My Conquer Your Core Story System™ is perfect for you if:

You’ve tried to make changes in your life but keep returning to the same people-pleasing and self-abandoning patterns

You sense that there’s something going on in your thoughts that keeps you feeling stuck and living a smaller version of yourself

You want to feel empowered to make changes in your life, regardless of your present circumstances

You’re willing to invest time, energy, and resources in yourself so that you can live the life that you’ve always wanted

My Conquer Your Core Story System™ is not a good fit for you if:

 You want a quick fix to your life

You’re not able right now to devote the time, effort, or resources to make sustainable personal changes

You’re not ready to process emotions, set goals, implement strategies, and practice techniques

You’re not ready to learn to advocate for yourself

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