What to Expect

The pain-body wants to survive just like any other entity in existence, and it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it

Eckhart Tolle

I am committed to creating a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore what is preventing you from being the most joyful and loving version of yourself. 

Work with me in person, by phone, or online.

What Your First Intuitive Counseling Session Will Be Like

At our first session, we will start by engaging in a brief centering practice together. This practice will begin to open your heart and mind to whatever healing possibilities the session will reveal. Next, I will teach you an easy-to-use meditation practice to help you focus your awareness. While you are exploring this technique I will enter your energetic field to see what it discloses about key aspects of your life. This field contains information about the intersections among such matters as your relationships, your health, your support systems, and your past and current struggles. I specialize in identifying core stories that took root in your psyche when you were a child and that continue to negatively and unconsciously impact your life. 


After observing your energetic field I will share with you the ways in which you may be out of alignment with your authentic self. As a result, you will come to see how powerfully the false beliefs of your core story detract from your happiness and hurt your health, your relationships, and your work in the world. Throughout the session I will offer you several techniques and practices to help you understand and release these old ways of being. These techniques and practices will help you create a more joyful future that is more aligned with who you really are. At the end of the session I will invite you to ask questions and to seek further clarification about anything that has come up for you during our time together.


In future sessions, we will focus on issues that have surfaced in your life since the last time we met and we will connect them with the patterns and cycles that our first diagnostic session disclosed. We will also continue to work on transforming your core story into a narrative that will make you achieve wholeness, happiness, and health, in a word, into a new story that will help you to love yourself. 

My intuitive counseling and energy therapy sessions will assist you to identify, understand, process, and release destructive ego-based beliefs so that you can live as the vibrant, loving person that you are meant to be.

What Your Initial Energy Therapy Session Will Be Like

Energy therapy sessions are a body-based therapy to help you release energetic blockages that I’ve identified within your energetic field. During an energy therapy session I strive to augment your vibration (the speed with which your cells vibrate) in order to allow your energy system to release blockages that are limiting the free-flow of your vital life force.


While you’re fully clothed upon a massage table I use three main healing modalities to bring about healing. First, I use the hands-on healing energy balancing techniques of Reiki. Next, I apply the sound-healing benefits of Chakra Tuning Forks to invite your energy to entrain to a higher vibration. Finally, I create a custom guided visualization to help you let go of negative beliefs that you have about yourself. After an energy therapy session you will feel more peaceful and your energy will be more balanced, thereby allowing your body’s natural healing systems to work more cohesively.