Intuitive Counseling 


Spiritual Coaching

We are like computers, and our beliefs are the software with which we're programmed. Often our beliefs are programmed into us without our knowledge by our culture, community, religion, and family. Even though we don't choose those subconscious programs, they run our lives. They control our decisions, perspectives, feelings, and interactions, so they determine our destiny. What we believe, we become. 

Glennon Doyle

Do you….


Feel responsible for the happiness of others?

Struggle with speaking up, setting boundaries, or saying no?

Feel exhausted from always putting others needs before your own? 

Keep experiencing many of the same unhealthy patterns in your life even though you’ve tried to change them?

Do you feel dissatisfied in your relationship, unfulfilled in your job, or unhappy about your body or your health?

More positively…

Do you desire a more healthy and fulfilling relationship?

Do you want to feel more loving and at peace with yourself? 

Do you want to feel authentic, empowered, and able to pursue your dreams?

I am committed to creating a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore what is preventing you from being the most joyful and loving version of yourself. 

Intuitive Counseling 

If you don’t love your life, if you don’t feel joyful and free, this is not the time to beat yourself up. It is chiefly because of your childhood circumstances and the core story that you formed as a result of your experiences. Reduced to its essence, a core story might sound like, “I am not worthy of love.” Or: “No one will ever be there for me.” Or: “In order to be loved, I’ve always got to be nice and hide my true feelings.” 

Know that whatever core story you formed in childhood was a natural means for you to cope with your painful circumstances at the time. The false beliefs about yourself that stem from your core story were coping mechanisms that your childhood psyche developed to try and get your needs met. 

Although it is not your fault that you may not feel vibrant and whole, now you can choose to offer the little girl inside of you your love, understanding, and acceptance. You can begin to choose the authentic you. You can commit to yourself and know that you’re worth showing up for. 

I know from personal and professional experience that it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to clearly and accurately identify your own core story without expert guidance. I can help you identify, release, and rewrite your core story. This is my expertise.


How Will Your Life be Transformed Once You've Released Your Core Story?

In order to identify your core story I first read your energy field. To do this, I ask absolutely no questions about your past or present circumstances. Instead, either online or by phone I spend 5-7 minutes scanning your energetic field for blockages that were created as a result of your painful experiences. I then proceed to examine the imprints of these energetic blockages as they reveal beliefs about yourself that your subconscious mind formed as a result. To do this I have created a template in my mind’s eye that I then “stitch” your energetic imprints onto, much like a seamstress stitches a dress onto a dress-frame.


Having intuitively discerned the various elements that I find within your template, I interpret their meanings and on the basis of this interpretation I clearly identify the nature of your specific and unique core story. During the bulk of the next 60 minutes, I explain to you how your core story negatively affects every area of your life.

Armed with the information that I intuitively obtain through my reading of your energy field, over the course of subsequent sessions I customize a program designed to help you understand, process, and release your core story. To do this I use one of the many tools that I’ve trained in to help you uproot this false belief from your psyche.


For instance a session might include guided meditation, breathing techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), or a powerful process to release subconscious beliefs known as Psych K. Throughout our time together I am always guiding you back to knowing that this false belief is not the truth of who you are, that you deserve your own love and compassion. 


Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Coaching Can Assist You When You're:

Experiencing emotional pain / Feeling emotionally stuck / Coping with a health crisis / Going through a life transition / Wanting deeply loving relationships / Aspiring to live your purpose / Yearning to live authentically / Desiring to live joyfully and lovingly

I am committed to creating a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore what is preventing you from being the most joyful and loving version of yourself.