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Susan has been an absolute godsend during some times of major change in my life. I’ve always been amazed at her ability to pinpoint what it is I’m currently experiencing/feeling and to help me unpack it. Talking with her is like talking with an old dear friend. I always feel safe and validated. The clarity I have gained from working with her is unparalleled. Susan is not only a fantastic listener, but can sense what it is you’re not saying as well. I’ve been able to make great progress in discovering who I am and what is best for me because of her. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone. 

- Karah


Over the last few years I have met with several counselors but have been disappointed again and again.  From my first session with Susan I felt she understood me as a person, my experiences in the past, and my goals for the future.  She is a gifted and compassionate professional that is helping me tremendously in my ongoing journey of healing.  I look forward to each session because I leave each session with peace and insight.  Susan is the first and only counselor I would recommend to my loved ones looking to grow and be challenged.  I'm so glad I didn't give up during my search for a positive and beneficial therapeutic relationship.


- Vanessa

I sought out Susan to help me navigate through a handful of life changes and she has blown my mind! And now...I Love Boundaries! As an intuitive counselor, Susan really sees me and knows my struggles and my strengths. If you are looking for somewhere you can feel safe to divulge your truth and for someone who is gentle, calm and supportive...I recommend Susan.


- Vonnie


From the moment I first walked in her door, I felt comfortable, safe, and at ease with Susan. I felt like I was where I was supposed to be. Her kindness, compassion and emanating warmth make it easy to express whatever is on my mind and heart. No matter how down I may walk into a session, I always leave feeling relieved and hopeful. Since beginning to work with Susan, I can feel changes in myself, especially in my ability to love and forgive myself - what a gift! Thank you, Susan!


- Amy

I’ve had intuitive counseling with Susan for some months now and she has been more helpful than traditional therapists I’ve seen. Her initial energy reading really resonated with me and helped me to understand what my core beliefs are and how to work through them. I feel like she offers valuable insight and her work is truly special. I leave every appointment feeling clearer on my path in life. I would highly recommend Susan, even if it’s just for the initial session because that alone was an eye opener for me!


- Thi


Susan is very loving. She has a light that helps you open up and talk about all the blocks you may have. I came to her when I was working thru a death in the family. I have learned so much more from her, I have learned how to give myself credit, believe in my positivity and learn how to work thru my blocks - she is kind, compassionate, and her intuitive therapy gave me energy when I was down and out. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for an intuitive counselor. You will leave her warm space feeling loved, energized and wanting to take better care of yourself.


- Jenny

I first found out about Susan through a Stress Workshop I partook in about a year ago. I was inspired by her in this class for her demeanor and overall openness. She is an energy healer and that also spoke to me because Energy is Everything! I have had other therapists in the past whom I have appreciated working with, however, Susan is different. I very much enjoy her approach to healing through meditation practice, talk therapy, and a final chakra healing after every session. She spends time and gets to know you like a great friend. I highly recommend her to every person. If you are ready to discover your true authenticity and calling - Susan is your advocate! Thank You Susan for your time and energy.


- Paige


I started with Susan looking for some assistance in dealing with my grief from my husband’s death over two years ago. I’ve had a lot of loss in my life and I was also aware of a lot of baggage that I carried from my childhood. Susan has helped me to work through issues that I was aware of and had been working on all my life, AND, issues that I wasn’t even aware of. Between her kindness, compassion, guidance, and the energy work, I am feeling so much better! I am happier, lighter, and at peace – a place I haven’t been in a very long time. She has been a tremendous help in adjusting to this new chapter of my life without my husband. I finally feel like I am moving forward again.

- Paula

After just a handful of sessions with Susan, I have made more breakthroughs, uncovered more core beliefs, and gained more understanding of habits and thought patterns helping me to reclaim my power, and heal. I have found working with Susan for two months more insightful and helpful than working with a “traditional therapist” for over a year. Susan’s honest, yet gentle, intuitive approach creates an incredibly safe environment where I can feel safe and allow myself to be vulnerable. With her guidance, and reminders to stay open and use love as my compass, I am learning to heal all the parts of me that need to be healed so that I can live my most authentic, happy life. I am incredibly grateful for being led to Susan -- working with her feels like the warm blanket the little girl in me has been searching a lifetime for. Thank you Susan for your loving kindness! I will be eternally grateful!


- Cheryl 

I highly recommend Susan to anyone who is trying to sort through life's difficulties, but is struggling to do it on his/her own. I never thought of myself as someone who would be comfortable seeing a counselor, but Susan has an incredible warmth and kindness that made it easy for me to relax and open up. She is spot on when it comes to her intuitive abilities and has helped me understand both myself and those closest to me on a very deep level. Susan truly cares about her clients and has so much love to give. She takes the time to ask quality questions and gain a wholesome understanding before discussing possible resolutions. Susan was also eager to provide me with books, audios, and true stories to help me navigate through my struggles. Whether your problem is big or small, she wants to help you, and never imposes harsh judgement. I am grateful for the greater perspective and growth I've gained through working with her. Susan Duesbery is a true and gifted healer. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.

- Jackie 

Susan Duesbery is a remarkably gifted counselor and energy therapist, who is guiding me through a personal health crisis. She is exceptionally insightful, supportive and compassionate. Her strong sense of intuition and ability to read my energy field accurately set her apart from other therapists. She is able to zero in on the root causes of my problems and to help me quickly remove thought patterns that are no longer serving me. In addition, she offers sound strategies to help me release any unnecessary or harmful ideas about myself. These strategies are not difficult to do, so I can also practice them at home. Within a short time after I started seeing her, I began to feel more empowered and in control of my life. I am so thankful that I have found such an outstanding therapist in Susan. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her (and have) to anyone looking for support or guidance. 

– Lori Z.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Susan.  She came into my life at such a fitting time and her unwavering advice, support, empathy and kindness has transformed the person that I am in so many positive ways.  She has set up both a physical and vibrational environment where I feel I can be honest and true without being judged.  I feel safe and empowered to talk about the most difficult subjects, which is a rare and special thing to find in this world.  Moreover, she is so in tune with both me and those around me.  Her insight is one of the things I value most about our sessions, and it has really helped heal my relationship with both myself and my loved ones.  Not only is she truly so intuitive, but her work is obviously meaningful to her in ways that transcend a “job.”  She has reliably been there for me so many times that go above and beyond what is expected of her, which makes me feel loved and valued as a human on a sometimes very difficult (but also beautiful and joyful) journey.  Overall, Susan has helped me to become more MYSELF, which is the most genuinely freeing and delightful feeling that I wish for every person on this earth.  If you are considering a session with Susan, my guess is that it is for a (good) reason and I encourage you to go for it.  I don’t doubt for a second that she will illuminate so much and help you on your own journey to whatever wonderful places await you.


- Ali


From outward appearances I had it all but I knew something was missing in my life and I couldn’t figure out what. I had a meditation and yoga practice, a good marriage, happy and healthy children and a fulfilling job but again, something was missing. Through my work with Susan not only have I figured out what was “missing” but have gained insight into why I am who I am. Talking with Susan is like having a conversation with a dear old friend. The tools and knowledge I have gained from Susan have improved every aspect of my life. It is obvious that Susan loves what she does and everything she does comes directly from her heart. 

– Lori 

Susan's intuition, deep insight and vast knowledge have allowed me to get "unstuck" so I can continue to move forward with more clarity and to work deeper to uncover and heal limiting core beliefs.  She has been a gentle, compassionate, wise, honest and bold healing Presence in my life.  I have deep gratitude for Susan and the impact she's had on my life over the years.  It's clear to me that to be able to be present for others in this capacity, she's done her own work and can get in the trenches with those that are ready to heal and move forward in a new and empowered way.  I highly recommend working with Susan.


- Kathy


Susan is very compassionate. You can truly feel her warmth and light. When working with Susan I always feel comfortable to say what I am really feeling knowing I will not be judged. She has helped me understand the value of self love. I had never been to an intuitive counselor before and was amazed at what she could see without me telling her. I always leave her office feeling lighter and more clear about my path.

- Jen 

I was referred to Susan, by a dear friend, about 2 years ago.  I couldn’t be more thankful for the connection. Susan has changed my life in so many positive ways through intuitive counseling, guided imagery, energy therapy, and yoga practices.  Each session brings a new sense of balance and understanding to my life. I have grown so much with her guidance and have found a new peace within myself.  Her energy is amazing to be around and she offers a safe space to be yourself! 

– Ava


Before I met with Susan for an intuitive counseling and energy therapy session, I had no idea what to expect. I decided to do it primarily because she is a wonderful yoga instructor. The timing seemed right as it’s been a year of profound change for me, first losing my husband and now planning to retire. During the process, the insights Susan shared resonated deeply with me. Almost immediately, I felt a shift on every level—physical, emotional and spiritual—as if I had come into focus after being “blurry” for years. I have gained a quiet trust in my own intuition and am much more comfortable in speaking my truth. The sore throat that has plagued me on and off for a very long time—and which I thought was either a digestive or sinus problem—has disappeared. Best of all, I once again have access to a huge part of my personality—everything that makes me a woman—that had been totally closed off for a decade or more. I feel energized and powerfully creative—and sexy! 

– Jan 

Susan is a conversational wizard and has been a great human to work with. She is helping me explore my grief, anger, energy, and strengths to move toward healing and finding balance in my life. It is hard work, but has been a wonderful learning experience.

- Kayla 

I have taken a variety of classes with Susan over the last 15 years. What strikes me most about her is her gentle, yet firm voice, full of compassion and love. Through her voice I can hear my own self- love and it eliminates some of my old negative “tapes.” Susan has great insight and tests out what she thinks I might be feeling with suggestions. She does not assume or program your thinking, but lays out possibilities. I especially enjoy the energy work that she does to make me feel both relaxed and yet energized to reenter my world. I highly recommend her.

– Pastor Marcy



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