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I've recorded a series of practices for well-being that you may find calming and that may help ease the stress of your day-to-day life.


They are all available for free here.

They are also available on Soundcloud.

Chanting OM

 6:57 Minutes

Chanting OM helps balance and tonify both branches of your central nervous system. By balancing the sympathetic branch (fight or flight response) with the para-sympathetic branch (relaxation response) you can more easily respond to life’s challenges with greater equanimity.


(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud). 

Gratitude Practice

 7:45 Minutes

This practice invites you to tap into the energy of your heart center (versus your busy mind) in order to access feelings of gratitude and appreciation. It allows your heart rhythm to slow and thereby regulates your whole physiology within seconds.

(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud). 

Progressive Relaxation

 7:58 Minutes

This practice entails systematically tensing and releasing of all of the major muscle groups in your body. By doing so you literally squeeze stress chemicals out of your muscles. When you relax you infuse your tissues with fresh oxygenated blood, thereby augmenting your vitality.

(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud). 

Ocean Breath

 5:56 Minutes

Ocean Breath is an effective breathing technique to help you feel less anxious. By focussing on breathing in and out of the back of the throat (behind the epiglottis) you create a sound like an ocean wave. This is a very calming and healing practice.


(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud).

Gazing Meditation

 9:14 Minutes

This is a simple and easy meditation practice to help you meditate even when you feel anxious or overwhelmed. By staring at a candle flame you give your mind a single point to focus on, thereby inviting all of your worries and your to-do list to fall away.


(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud).

Balloon-Belly Breath

 6:14 Minutes

Balloon Belly Breath helps you practice breathing with your diaphragm. When you breathe using your diaphragm (instead of with just your upper lungs) you infuse your whole body with life-force energy and you simultaneously massage all of the organs in your belly. 

(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud). 

Healthy Heart Breath

 5:56 Minutes

This technique helps extend the length of your exhales in order to slow your heart rhythm down. When you do this you cultivate heart health because slowing your heart rhythm sends messages to your brain to rejuvenate and regenerate your whole system.


(Search Susan Duesbery to listen on Soundcloud).

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