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You Can Manage Difficult Situations; You've Overcome Adversity Before.

There have been many times throughout your life that you've overcome adversity. Maybe in childhood your father abandoned your family, or you were bullied, or you had learning difficulties in school.   Perhaps in recent years your husband had an affair, or you lost a job that you relied on, or you faced a scary diagnosis.   Although you have faced challenging times before, you've overcome them each and every time. In many ways you're well-practiced at surmounting adversity.   Darwin didn't get it quite right when he said that it's the fittest who survive. Rather, it's the most adaptable who do so.   This is what we're invited to do during this unprecedented time... adapt. To do this we must keep our hearts open even when the tight grip of fear wants to keep them closed.

In this way, we'll build resilience. When we're resilient we can't help but overcome adversity. 

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