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What Wild Geese Say to Me

You, who I have not paid much attention to before, are so much more complex

than I’d assumed.

In my busyness and arrogance and always moving relentlessly forward, I’d missed this truth.

I’d seen your life as part of the backdrop to my own, not meriting my attention.

Now, watching you from my chair by the window, I am awed by what fills your days.

So much movement and grace and calling back and forth, “What are you desiring to know?”

Abundance of friends and family and all manner of socializing, “Are you loved? Do you long to see those you’ve lost?”

Punctuations of flight, to where I know not.  Just the fact I want to know shows my limitations.

The chevron pattern you make as you point, focussed and sure in the direction of your future says it all.

I feel certain that you easily surrender to the living of your life, to all that you are.

I, who have thought myself above you, have lost my beingness through living in the world.

I fret, cogitate, become wistful and quickly lose heart with things that are just being as they are.

You, I now see, are nuanced in your days in ways that seem full and simultaneously easeful.

You live your every breath with all of yourself, never questioning your destiny.

Oh, I will learn from you.

To watch you glide through the water invites my angst to roll off my back as though I have feathers.

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