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What Happens With Me

Updated: Apr 9, 2018

Grief claws at me,

sneaks from its depths

to threaten me with

apprehension and fear.

Loss pulls at me,

sours my joy with melancholy,

promising to unravel

what I know to be true.

Hope gets under me,

lifts me from uncertainty’s frozen grip,

inviting me to step forward,

to lean into myself.

Strength emboldens me,

infusing me with courage,

determination and love,

calling me away from the past.

Faith promises me

that my chosen path

is a truth I can’t deny,

guiding me to cross over.

Knowing fills me

with all I need

to embrace the gifts

placed before me on this journey.

Gratitude opens me

welcoming myself

with the embrace of a lover

coming home to my heart.

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