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Self-Awareness is Self-Empowerment

If we don’t understand the thoughts that drive our behaviors we are destined to let erroneous perceptions dictate the way we think, feel, and act. Unfortunately, many of us have held these negative beliefs in our subconscious since childhood and are rarely conscious of the harm they do. As a result, these false beliefs continue to undermine our confidence, sense of self-worth, and efficacy in the world.

If left unexamined, these thought patterns cause us to live smaller lives than it is our birthright to live. Fortunately, when we shine a light on these negative core stories we cease to be at their mercy. Instead, we can let go of them and craft a new, more affirming story for our lives. When we become self-aware we empower ourselves to choose thoughts that allow our best selves to blossom.

Investing the time and resources on discovering what really makes us tick is well worth the effort. Once we know that we are good, worthy, and whole we can release behaviors that limit or sabotage our potential. We are no longer beset by fear, anxiety, and depression. We can feel more joy and stand in our own power, authenticity, and goodness.

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