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Now is the Time to Raise Your Vibration

Einstein said that all matter is energy. That means that everything in the physical world vibrates with an energetic and animating force. Animals, insects, trees, and water all vibrate. Even rocks vibrate with this force, though they vibrate very slowly. Humans, on the other hand, vibrate very fast. Although all human protons and neutrons vibrate much faster than rocks, each of us vibrates at a different frequency depending upon what our deepest subconscious thoughts are. It is these deep, consistent thought patterns that dictate how fast or slow (or how high and how low) we vibrate. If you spend a lot of time feeling like you’re not enough, feeling resentful, feeling regretful, or holding grudges, your energy pattern will be dense and your vibration will be low.

The reverse, of course, is also true. When you think altruistically, forgivingly, compassionately, acceptingly, and lovingly you will vibrate at a higher frequency. You will heal yourself and be a force for good in the world. Replacing our negative thoughts with positive life-enhancing ones is healing to our body, mind, and spirit because we are meant to be high vibrating beings. Our very cells want to vibrate unimpeded. When energy can flow through our bodily systems it allows our bodies and minds to function at their optimal levels. However, uprooting our long-held negative beliefs is a challenging endeavor. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware of our thought patterns. Each day we have between 40 000-50 000 thoughts and the preponderance of them are negative or fear-based, according to researchers.

To make changing our negative thought patterns even harder, the law of vibration (which states that energy attracts like energy) attracts people and circumstances to us that confirm our negative beliefs. Thus, if we continually think that we are not worthy of love we will frequently attract people and situations into our life that make us feel unworthy. This is why we often see people recreating the same relationship patterns over and over again even though they do so with different partners. Unless we make an effort to discover what our negative subconscious thoughts are, and seek out ways to replace them with life-affirming ones, we will remain stuck in a never-ending cycle of dissatisfying and negative experiences. We will continue to vibrate at a lower frequency than is our birthright. Until we make positive thinking our predominant mode of being we will not be able to create a higher and more life-enhancing future for ourselves.

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