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Inhabiting the Space Between During COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 and its ramifications we are presently living in a liminal space between time periods. Doors have been shut behind us and new ones have yet to open. The hallway in which we find ourselves can feel like a very stressful place to be. At present, we sense that much about our old ways of being have permanently changed but we aren’t quite sure how the coming days will look. It’s disorienting to feel that the future is radically uncertain. It’s as though the very structure of our lives and of society at large have been suspended. But for those of us whose circumstances enable us to take advantage of them, hallway moments can be fertile occasions from which new, positive forms can emerge. During this critical time we are being given an opportunity to re-create our lives and our world. We are being invited to abandon old paradigms in favor of new ones that will better suit our needs and those of the planet. Though anxiety provoking and uncertain, waiting in this liminal space invites many of us to discern how it is that we want to re-create our lives. Without many of the familiar support-systems in place we are invited to re-envision how we would really like to live, what old patterns, habits, and structures we ought to let go of, and which new, more supportive ones we’d like to see take their place. Perhaps this time can allow many of us to get clear on what kind of future we want to usher in. If so, when we cross the threshold from the hallway we’re currently standing in we will be stepping through new doorways of our choosing.

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