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I Know

I want to dwell in the intangible, to be shaken so deeply in my uncertainty that my knowing arises instead.

In many ways it already has.  I have seen you and your workings, time and again.

I know these synchronicities are holy and inevitable.  It is only my lack of sight that prevents me from seeing more.

What would allow me to step into the full presence of faith in you?

I feel fear rise as I hear you whisper, “Nothing and Everything.”

What would it be like to live in the world while knowing it is not as it seems?

I have held this knowledge at bay for some time now, aware that I would have to give up my hunger to let you in.

I know you are before me often, when I shift my gaze to your truth.

Turning away is no longer an option.  It is the coward’s destiny.

The truth both elates and frightens me, “Am I up to this?”

Finally, I know, I always have been.  When I step inside you, my path reveals itself.

Besides, I can only cross the threshold now.  I will die in the not doing so.

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