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Have You Set Your Soul Goals Yet?

In setting goals for the new year, it is important to attend to what I call “soul goals” in addition to what I refer to as “ego goals.” Most of our goals are ego-driven because they stem from a place of not feeling good or worthy enough. Ego goals entail a great deal of striving and of pushing ourselves to achieve more. In contrast, soul goals are about learning to love ourselves and about removing any obstacles that stand in the way of knowing that we are already good, whole, and worthy. Our souls know this truth.They know that in essence we are beings of love and light. We have simply forgotten this truth.

We have forgotten this truth due to the limiting beliefs imposed on us by our core stories. Our core stories are false beliefs that implanted themselves in our psyches in childhood in order to help us cope with painful or confounding circumstances. Reduced to its essence, a core story might sound like, “I am not worthy of love.” Or: “No one will be there for me.” Or: “I have to be a good girl in order to be loved.” Our core stories become deep, subconscious operating systems that negatively affect every area of our lives. They keep us living smaller lives than we were meant to live. They are what stand in the way of living as our true selves.

Setting soul goals is about aligning your life with who you really are, your true self. It involves committing to identifying, understanding, processing, and releasing your core story so that you can live as the joyful, loving being that you were born to be. It entails removing the obstacles that lie in the way of knowing that you are whole and holy. When you do so you allow your innate joyful and loving nature to naturally come to the fore because you are no longer telling yourself a false story about your lack of worth. Setting soul goals is a powerful way to commit to showing up for yourself and for your soul’s purpose.

It is not an easy journey to awaken from the illusion that you’re unworthy and small. It involves time, energy, and dedication. This deep work asks you to continuously step towards grief, anger, and forgiveness. It isn’t for the faint of heart. However, in letting go of your core story you will shed unconscious self-sabotaging behavior and much unnecessary suffering. You will come to feel lighter and freer than you have ever felt before. In the process you will learn to love yourself and to embrace your inherent worthiness. You will realize that it is your birthright to feel this way because joy and love is who you really are.

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