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Chaos is What You've Been Asking For

It doesn’t take much to see that old ways of doing things are disintegrating and dissolving all around us. Everywhere we turn it seems that much of our social fabric is unravelling. Governments, political systems, and social structures appear no longer to be working for us. Instead we see unrest and upheaval taking place in all arenas. It often feels like we are living amidst constant chaos and change. Yet in a sense this is as it should be…. Everything is created out of the dissolution of something else. The leaves must fall and summer plants must rot in order to create conditions ripe for spring growth.

Nature itself is a constant reminder that there is an eternal cyclical pattern embedded in the very structure of the cosmos. Everything must die in order for new life to be born. Change, as we know, is the only constant in our ever-expanding, ever-creative universe. The inevitable cycle of transformation and renewal in our own lives and within the larger structures that humans have created mirrors this eternal pattern of creation, maintenance, and dissolution.

Aligning our lives with this truth is immensely liberating. We can desist from holding tightly to old, outmoded templates and accept and embrace the inevitability of change. To do this we must cease holding onto unfulfilling relationships, unsatisfying jobs, and unhealthy habits. We must surrender our individual fears and disengage from the collective unease that the dying of the old ways of seeing and doing generates. We must accept that this will probably mean the death of much of what we know. In embracing this reality, we can start the work of creating a new life that is more closely aligned with our authentic selves, one that will engender equity, justice, and love for all.

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