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A Letter Received

Dearest Beloved,

Don’t you know that you are loved beyond measure?

That you never have to want for anything?

That you have all you long for already?

Don’t you know that you are beautiful, sacred, abundant?

That you already know all of the answers to the questions you are asking?

That you are powerful, knowing and always connected?

So, what is it you want to know?

Are you worthy of love?

Are you safe to let go, to surrender?

Can you trust and be happy?

Do you even deserve happiness?

Shall I answer you with a resounding, “YES!!!”

Will you even receive my yes…?

I ask you, can you let go and trust me,

allow yourself to step into your magnificence,

into the truth of who you are,

into the heart of love?

Can you let go of your smallness and claim ALL of you?

What are you waiting for?

The time has come.

You are loved.  You are whole.  You are holy.

This is your innate truth.

Please, stop turning away from this.

You are Divine.

You are love.

Claim it.

Claim yourself.

Claim all of you, as me.

Claim yourself in the light of day.

Claim yourself in the shadow of night.

Don’t waste a moment beloved.

Remove your false self.

Take off your masks.

Do away with anything that is not you, ALL of you.

You are glorious!

Let go and know that you are me

and I am you.

We are love.

We are all-encompassing, all-embracing, all-enlivening.

We are everything,

what has come before,

and what will come to pass.

We are all.

We are me.

With Deepest Love,

Your Self xo

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