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My Practice

My Intuitive Counseling and Spiritual Coaching sessions will assist you to identify, understand, process, and release the limiting beliefs of your core story so that you can live as the authentic, loving woman that you were born to be.






I believe that we are born as beautiful, loving beings ready to embark upon a life filled with purpose, love, and joy. Unfortunately, in response to adverse or confounding childhood experiences, as children each of us takes on limiting beliefs about ourselves which together form a core story. This core story takes root in our subconscious mind and continues to dictate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in adulthood. We’re usually not even aware of the insidious ways in which core stories exert a hold over our lives. In fact, most of us are not even aware that we have a core story to begin with. In essence, as adults core stories make us live smaller and unhappier versions of who we really are.

Core stories make us feel like we’re not as happy as we want to be, make us struggle with speaking up, with setting boundaries, and with saying no. They make us feel exhausted from always putting others’ needs before our own. They make us feel unfulfilled in our jobs and our relationships. They make us feel unhappy about our bodies and about much else besides.  I should know, I’ve been there. I also know that this isn’t the truth of who you are. At your core, you are a woman who deserves to feel whole and at peace with herself. You are a woman who wants to feel empowered to pursue her dreams and to freely express her loving nature. But the limiting beliefs that form your core story keep you from living fully and happily. That’s why it’s so important that you identify and re-write your core story. 


I know from the experience of healing my own core story that you can transform your life and finally learn to love yourself. I also know that it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to clearly and accurately identify your own core story without expert guidance. It is my gift and my expertise to be able to read your energetic field and intuitively identify your core story for you. With this information as the focus of our time together, my intuitive counseling and spiritual coaching sessions will help you understand, process, and release the limiting beliefs of your core story so that you can live as the joyful, loving woman that you were born to be. 

I am committed to creating a welcoming, safe, non-judgmental space for you to explore what is preventing you from being the most joyful and loving version of yourself. 



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