Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intuitive Counseling?

I have been working professionally as an Intuitive Counselor for over ten years. As an Intuitive Counselor I read my clients' energetic field and offer advice based upon what I find there. Your energetic field is the sum of the patterns that your core beliefs about yourself create in the cosmos, where they leave a vibrational imprint, and it is this imprint that I read. To read it, I use a template that I've developed that helps you see how the limiting beliefs of your core story impact how you feel about yourself, your relationships, your work in the world, and the health of your body. (It may help to imagine this template as being akin to the one a seamstress uses in order to stitch a dress onto a dress frame.) Usually, what presents itself in your energetic field are negative and unprocessed thoughts and emotions that you have about your experiences from childhood through to the present. It is these unprocessed thoughts and emotions that I call the limiting beliefs of your core story. What I do, is assist you to see, understand, process, and release them so that you can become the most healthy, joyful, and loving version of yourself.

How is my core story formed?

Einstein said that all matter is energy, and matter includes your body. Tissues are made of cells, cells are made of molecules, molecules are made of atoms, and atoms are made of sub-atomic particles, which are pure energy, and which manifest themselves as vibrations or as waves. Until the age of 6 your brain waves operate predominantly as theta waves. Theta waves are the brain waves that we go into under hypnosis. In theta, our subconscious mind is open and receptive. This is the main reason why we say that children are sponges and why we take to heart much of what we experience at a young age. It is at this time that we subconsciously form stories out of our experiences. For example, if your father was an alcoholic and your childhood was dominated by emotional disconnection and chaos there is a good chance that you developed a core story that not only holds painful memories about your dad but about yourself, too. Because you desperately wanted your father's love you might have wondered why you weren't "smart enough" to figure out how to get him to stop drinking. This sort of limiting belief would have then became lodged in your subconscious, negatively impacting you throughout your life. My role consists in helping you identify your core story, as well as the negative ways in which it affects your present-day circumstances, thereby keeping you stuck in a smaller version of yourself. With this knowledge in hand, I can assist you to begin the journey towards self-healing.

How does Energy Therapy work?

Energy Therapy works in a twofold manner. First, by means of hands-on-healing Reiki techniques and with the help of tuning-fork sound therapy I raise your vibration in order to release any blockages in your energetic field. Second, by leading you through a guided imagery experience I shift your thinking to help you let go of negative beliefs.

What techniques and practices might you offer to release the limiting beliefs of my core story?

I have a wide range of techniques, practices, and resources that I can offer depending on your needs. Among others, these include readings, guided meditation recordings, breathing practices, easy yoga postures, or an emotional freedom technique (EFT), such as tapping meridian end points on your body. Additionally, I am a PSYCH-K facilitator and might help you release your negative subconscious beliefs using one or more of PSYCH-K's techniques. 

As an intuitive do you identify past lives in your Intuitive Counseling sessions?

I do not try to seek out information from your past lives. However, if your soul deems that learning about one or more of your past lives is important to your healing and growth, information from your past lives may surface. I have found that if this does take place it is because your soul wants to enable you to move forward in this life and thus has a message to bring you from the past.


As an intuitive do you channel loved ones or anyone else who has passed on?

I do not seek to channel loved ones. Having said this, I have had messages from dead loved ones to pass along to clients. We are all made of energy and energy doesn’t die, it just takes new forms. When a person dies their energy still exists and so lost loved ones can transmit messages to you if they deem it beneficial to your healing and growth.

I am afraid about what might come up in an Intuitive Counseling session. How do I get past this and meet with you?

I myself have had my own share of struggles with fear and shame and will hold you in compassion, not judgment.

Are you a certified counselor? (see education & training)

I am a certified Integrative Life Coach with The Ford Institute (thefordinstitute.comspecializing in Jungian shadow work, which in my practice, I combine with energy reading and with energy therapy techniques derived from various sources. Please see my “Education & Training” section to see my other qualifications.


How frequently should I meet with you for an Intuitive Counseling session?

It varies. If you are in a life transition, are experiencing a health challenge, or are feeling stuck, intuitive counseling is helpful every two weeks. Otherwise, long-term change can be greatly facilitated by coming monthly. In any case, we can work out a schedule that best fits your needs and circumstances.

What can I expect from our work together?

You will see many aspects of your life in a new light. You will feel empowered to make positive changes in all areas of your life so that you can live more authentically. Many clients report feeling lighter, freer, happier, and more loving as a result of our work together. 


Are there measurable results from our work together? (see testimonials)

As my own personal experience and that of my clients attests, if you walk this journey with my help you will come to know yourself in a way that you did not before. You will gain clarity on why you think and act in certain ways. You will become more motivated and equipped to let go of core beliefs about yourself that are preventing from living as joyfully and lovingly as you truly want.


May I record our Intuitive Counseling sessions to listen to later?

I encourage you to record our sessions as I always offer a lot of information during our time together and my clients always find it invaluable to review what our sessions have revealed at home. "Easy Voice Recorder" or "Smart Recorder" are great apps that allow you to record for the duration of the session. Please have your phone ready to record when you arrive. (Please note, the "Voice Memo" app on iPhones usually will not record for long enough so it is best to download another one.)

I want to work with you, but I don’t live in West Michigan.  Do you work with long-distance clients?

Yes. I am happy to work with clients by phone or via Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime. 


Do you take debit or credit cards?

Payments in person in my office can be made via cash, check, or via Venmo (@Susan-Duesbery) or Cash App ($SusanDues). 

Payment is due at the time of service. Failure to do so will result in a $30 late payment fee.

For remote sessions you will be directed to pay by card when you schedule through my website. If you schedule a remote session with me via email you can pay via Venmo or I can email you a PayPal invoice. When working remotely, payment is due before our session. 

Do you have a cancellation or no-show policy?

Yes. Please let me know at least 24 hours in advance if you are unable to make a session. Except in cases of family or medical emergency, if you fail to contact me and do not show up for an appointment you will be charged the full amount. With exception for family or medical emergency, if you cancel the day of your scheduled session you will be charged a $75 cancellation fee. Thank you for understanding.